Sonntag, 11. Oktober 2009

"We call them monkey-men"

Okay, eigentlich hätte ich dieses fantastische Video schon längst verlinken sollen aber besser spät als nie...

Das Video featured Forrest und Dan Edwards von Parkour Generations beim Training an einem wirklich genialen Spot in Liverpool. Die tollen Aufnahmen sind von der genialen Julie Angel. Zurecht ist dieses Video als Beispiel in dem Wikipediaartikel über Parkour verlinkt worden!

Hier der Link zum Video:

Dann habe ich noch ein persönliches Statement von Forrest zu seinem Training und Parkour im Allgemeinen. Natürlich in english und absolut lesenswert!

“My name is Forrest. I come from France and sport is my passion. I went to university for four years and graduated as a physical coach. Now I live in London and I teach Parkour.

Parkour is an art of movement, a physical discipline but utilize this on your body and your mind

Parkour is not just a physical challenges, it allows you to discover yourself very deeply. I live to enjoy myself and to understand myself

Young people they told me, “But why you do this,” because it’s my passion. I like that.

I first began to learn about Parkour from Stepahen Vigroux, one of the best in the world. He taught me how to move, and how I could push my body farther than I had ever imagined.

Parkour is demanding and very complex sport where you work all the parts of your body. You have to control your abilities, the key is your mind. But most importantly you have to control your fear.

It’s necessary for you to be relaxed, relaxed.

I watched the other guys and they told me, “Oh, but it is very unusual, it’s very amazing”…
But I believe that I couldn’t do it. But just with practice, practice, practice. Now I love it.

There are no secrets to improving your skill in Parkour, other than hard training. Setting yourself goals and working towards them.

When I come in the new area, in new environment, I can visualize myself doing oh I can do this this this this this this this this. Because of that a few minutes later I be able to do physically. I think the creativity is coming with the level. I train up to 4 hours a day five days a week varying the type of work from physical conditioning to specific Parkour techniques. You can always improve

Parkour is competitive, but not against someone else. The first and most important competition in Parkour is with yourself.

For me the city is a playground. You have to see it through the eyes of a child.

Everybody can do Parkour, everybody if women, man, kids, old people. Everybody can do Parkour. You have to find your own way of doing Parkour. But you know for example, doing just walking on the rails, everybody can do it. It’s not necessary to be strong. It’s necessary to have a good balance. Just balance. And everybody can do it. So after that it just depends, what are you looking for, what do you want to do with Parkour or what do you goals do you want to reach that try to find your own way and be in joy and that’s it.

I hope people will see Parkour as a positive activity and more people will start practicing it in a safe and responsible way.”

...Also hört auf den Mann! Stay safe and train hard then you can archive everything you want!


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